International Sales

We are thrilled that almost one-quarter our sales are from our friends around the world! It blows our minds that we’ve sold NutSacs in 25 different countries!

If you would like to order a NutSac:
please email Greg at

International Shipping background

International Pricing

We’ve learned that customs and import taxes are a bitch, so we’ve created pricing that minimizes the amount of tax you have to pay. We do this by decreasing the reported bag price for customs while simultaneously increasing the shipping/handling (you don’t pay customs on this part).

*Please Note: Import taxes and customs are not included in this pricing. You will likely have to pay import duties to your local tax authority when the bag arrives.


First, we reduce the price of the bag by removing U.S. shipping/handling to get the International Price you pay customs on.

Website Price – U.S. Shipping/Handling = The International Price

Next, we add back all the international shipping/handling/currency fees including: International postage, currency fees, and fulfillment fees. This gives us the International Shipping/Handling.

International Price + International Shipping/Handling = Your Shipped Price

Here is how it works on the Satchel:

1. $129 Website Price – $10 U.S. Shipping/Handling = $119 International Price

2. Add Postage ($22.87) + Paypal currency fee ($6.15) + Fulfillment fee ($6.00) = $35.02 International Shipping/Handling

You are invoiced for:

$119 Satchel Price + $35.02 Intl. Shipping/Handling = $154.02 Shipped Price

Hopefully this makes sense. If you wish to purchase a bag or have any shipping questions, please email


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