7th Whispering Falls Freeze

Last year Coach and I went up to Pennsylvania to play in this BYOP charity doubles tourney. Since Coach has said he’s taking six months off to rest/heal his shoulder I reached out to El Tie Dye to be my partner. El Tie Dye agreed. Then a week later Coach contacts me looking to put the band back together. I inquired about his timetable (he’d taken six weeks off before he played in Maryland vs. Virginia) and he muttered something about feeling good. Since I already had a partner Coach went looking on the message board like a lounge lizard during happy hour.

Thursday and Friday we had two snowstorms roll through here that left us with about 12-18″ of snow on the ground. This was not getting me excited, but my partner is insane:

El Tie Dye: I love this %@#!

Obviously I’m not going to talk him out of playing. He tells me to put ribbons on my discs so that when they hit the snow I can find them. I did lose a black Eagle in deep snow at a charity tourney at Rockburn years ago, so I figure I will give this a go:

I figure I will take eight discs out of fear of losing something in the snow. Above are the drivers: Lace, O-Lace, Ascent and Trak. The highway to PA is clear…

…and obviously well salted! I’m five minutes from the course:

I hit the parking lot and the course looks like this:

I sign in with TD Brad…

…who also looks like he’s ready to rob a bank. I’m also concerned that as a hearty Pennsylvanian he’s this bundled up when the temp is supposed to be in the low 30′s. This is 10 degrees better than last year with no wind! El Tie Dye has already signed in and he’s out on the course warming up. Term used loosely. TD Brad usually runs a CTB (closest to the beer) and I spy this…

…and figure this could be the prize. I make a pit stop and am greeted by this sign…

…in the mens room. Everything you need to know about today’s event:

I go looking for El Tie Dye and find Coach in the parking lot:

He’s gotten Justin to be his partner this year. He admits he’s only given his shoulder two months to heal. Hearty souls warming up on the practice basket:

I remain standing on the paved parking lot. El Tie Dye and I finally hook up and he unveils his dyed ‘Sac:

It’s rather impressive:

Back at tourney central I find these bags…

…which have taken the ribbon thing to extremes! The four-foot pink ones belong to Freight Train. Last week I traded private messages on the local disc board with a player who had a ‘Sac and was wondering how I got ours embroidered. Meet cult member Bradley:

He’ll be featured in a future Cult Member Profile where I will ask him a series of embarrassing questions. If the TD is standing on the picnic table…

…it must be the players meeting. As pointed out previously all you need to know is on the board:

I’m somewhat concerned that TD Brad actually has to refer to the board since it only has three lines of information on it. It’s 27 holes of plodding through 10″ of crusty snow. There are two divisions. Ca$h and Plastic. The entry fee was the same for either division so El Tie Dye talked me into jumping into the Ca$h pool.

El Tie Dye: We’ll get to play with better players!

We’re starting on #16. I find the first of many sponsorship signs:

I don’t know if these are for the charity bowl or an Association event from last season. Any sandwich shop named Porky’s has potential. We are carded up with Tim who is playing his first tourney ever and his buddy Aaron who may or may not have played ever. Aaron tees off to begin his day:

Tim missed the mando on his drive and Aaron is short in the fairway. I give El Tie Dye a look that says:

We’re playing better players in Ca$h?

El Tie Dye gets us going:

El Tie Dye has brought a shovel to clear off the teepads…

…and as a ‘Sac stand. We take my Trak drive…

…which didn’t bury. My second shot with the O-Lace on #16 tombstoned:

The water fountain seems to be out of service during the winter:

Ready to tee off on #19:

El Tie Dye is just ahead of Tim’s drive on #20:

I Trak us to our first deuce chance of the day. I…

…miss. El Tie Dye…

…misses. So it’s going to be like that. I’m double stuffed today:

Besides the four drivers in the back in the first pic up top I’ve got the Obex, Ibex, Summit and Ridge with me today. Note my fabulous #4 Swamp Tag and the fancy tag holder Carol gave me. El Tie Dye’s drive on #21 made a lovely curl in the snow:

I Lace us to this deuce chance on #21:

…and miss. El Tie Dye…

…misses. In literature we call this a theme. The one thing I am learning from not being able to run up and flail away with my “power” x-step is I am throwing straight. Lately I’ve been turning the Trak and Lace over, but today with a one step approach I’m actually throwing where I’m aiming. This one step throw is something I’m going to utilize going forward this season. Aaron hyzering off the tee on #22:

Being a newbie he clearly should not be throwing a Wraith. Someone get this man a Leopard! Tim launches into the winter wonderland:

Reinforcing my point about the one step I put the Lace here…

…off the tee for our deuce. Those are the boys second shots in the background. El Tie Dye wasn’t sure I could convert this so he captured the putt:

Note me powering the Ridge home. We fumble our way through the rest of the 20 numbered holes. Back on the original 18 El Tie Dye tees off on #17 with an anhyzer line:

I opt to Obex on the hyzer line to flirt with the mando arrow:

Tim: I don’t know what to do here.

Hawk: Do what I did.

Tim: Yeah right…

I hear it hit snow on the other side of the marshland. Aaron…

…isn’t quite as lucky. The Obex sets us up for our second deuce of the day:

Tim runs his deuce effort:

Aaron tries to convert the deuce for them:

El Tie Dye documents me securing the deuce:

On the walk to 18′s tee Aaron takes a play break:

I O-Lace us over the marshland for long approaches to the basket. El Tie Dye insists these are deuce putts and should be snapped. Please note the  flight path out of our hands on both of these “putts”:

You’ll be shocked to learn that we took a three. It’s noon so lunch is being served at tourney central so we pull off the course to eat. TD Brad’s dad is serving us:

First he scooped mashed potatoes into the bowl. Then he putts chili on top of the mashed potatoes. A hot dog goes on top of the chili, and that is topped off by cheese!

This is the greatest tourney food ever:

When I was waffling on whether or not to bail on playing (of course since I had a doubles partner I had to show) I texted TD Brad to make sure his mom was making this for lunch. El Tie Dye enjoying his lunch:

Note the subtle product placement in the background. Tim turns out to be a vegetarian so he’s going with just cheesy mashed potatoes:

He does share granola bars with us. Heading back onto the course where El Tie Dye are trying to beat Tim and Aaron by 27 throws due to their newbie status. I spy this in the parking lot:

I make a heroic 40′ putt for us on #1…to save a four. Number two takes us into the woods of the original 18…

…and looks really ominous. Aaron and Tim pose for their class pic:

El Tie Dye and I show the boys how to pose:

And how to place product:

Tim tees off on #2…

…which was low and slid way down the hill to the left. At this point Tim and Aaron are busting out their smart phones and shooting video of each other. This was probably the most documented round in blog history. Aaron executes the safe drive…

…to keep their team in the fairway. I Trak us into the fairway…

….and we four it. Another fabulous sponsor sign:

El Tie Dye tees off on #3:

It was at this point that the unspoken question of how Tim and Aaron ended up playing in the Ca$h division was answered. It’s important to keep in mind that they are actually impressed by the “skill level” El Tie Dye and I are demonstrating in this round.

Aaron: So explain this Ca$h vs. plastic thing to me.

Hawk: The Ca$h group is playing for money and the plastic group are playing for discs.

Tim: Ohhhh….when I signed us up and the guy asked me Ca$h or plastic I thought he meant the method of payment so I went with Ca$h.

Mystery solved. El Tie Dye has tears of mirth in his eyes.

We get to #5 where TD Brad tries to drive home the point that we are throwing to the A pin:

You have to clear the gully…

…which El Tie Dye fails to do. Only I and the Lace manage to do this though I x-stepped it and yanked it. Note to self: One step/throw. He wasn’t kidding about a tree on the long basket on #5:

The tee at #6:

We take El Tie Dye’s drive on #7 for a deuce run…

…which he misses. I have a perfect line with the Summit…

…but sail gracefully one foot under the tray. #8′s tee:

Clearly Kelly has no shame, or current photos. #9 is honey yogurt granola bar break time courtesy of Tim:

Aaron’s drive on #9 goes awry:

Note the newbie sticker still on the bottom of the disc. These guys have the right attitude though. They are having a good time. I had taken to calling Aaron the indifferent discer because on every throw he would step up and in one motion throw his disc while holding his bag. This made getting a pic of him like trying to snap Bigfoot. I manage to capture him nailing this putt on #9…

…to save a three for his team. So we get to #10. TD Brad had considered skipping 10-12 since you have to go down the big hill and then hike 1/4 mile from 11′s basket to 12′s tee. Though on game day he decided to have us throw these three holes. Everyone was worried about losing a disc going down #10 because you hyzer towards the river out of sight to the basket. El Tie Dye tees off…

…and it’s right down the fairway until the ribbon trailing off the disc gets hung up on a small limb and the disc is suspended in the air! I fling the Ibex down the hill…

…poorly, but I get a fortuitous slide back to the fairway. Tim tees off hoping to hyzer toward the river:

Followed by Aaron:

Note he’s holding his bag! You can’t have enough shots of El Tie Dye’s disc hanging by its ribbon!

It’s like a spaceship in a cheesy 1950′s sci-fi movie:

So the question became, “How do we get that down?”

El Tie Dye’s first thought was the shovel. When you’ve got a tool you use it. So he tries to throw the shovel and knock the disc down:

I feel this moment really sums up our day. Tim starts throwing his water bottle at it. I go with a downed branch. We’re all hitting it, but the ribbon is really wrapped around, or caught on a small limb. Aaron finally proves to be smarter than the three of us. He walks over with a long limb, snags the ribbon; snaps the twig off that the ribbon is caught on, and the disc hits the snow.

It has come to this. We’re taking pics of putts to save threes. El Tie Dye…

…misses. I step up with the Ridge and make this putt.

El Tie Dye: That’s the first time one of us picked up the other all day.

Hawk: That is a sad highlight.

Found towel on #13:

I Trak us to a potential deuce on #13. I…

…miss. El Tie Dye…

…fakes me out and then…

…misses. On #14 Tim points out a favorite tree of a woodpecker:

El Tie Dye powers off the tee on #14…

…and into the second tree on the left. Tim hyzers onto the slope:

Aaron is walking around with a frozen clump on his boot…

…that will not dislodge. Aaron tees off:

I Trak us…

…to yet another three. I get a pic of Tim putting on #14 to save the four…

On #15 I Obex us through four goalposts as my tape fails and my blue ribbon flutters to the ground. We have a hope for a closing deuce…it’s a three. I can’t get enough of the ‘Sac/Shovel combo:

TD Brad’s write up:

Another Whispering Falls Freeze is in the books, with many thanks to the 52 players that braved the cold, and at times, miserable conditions to come out and join us. With at least 8 inches of snow on the ground everywhere and drifts approaching two feet it was a challenge to be sure. The “Baton Death March” was definitely interesting, but everyone survived.

Big thanks to everyone that spent time out there shoveling tee pads: Matt, Russ, Thom, Boger, Mark, Tim and Ben. Even bigger thanks to the Antrim Township Road Crew for getting the park opened up and plowed for us. I know after a 10inch snow fall the park was at the bottom of their priority list, but knowing we had an event scheduled they made it happen for us.

Thank you to everyone that always helps behind the scenes with check in, score checking and most importantly food prep: Mom, Dad, Cari, Russ, Thom and Stiles.

Thanks to all the players participation we are able to make a $300 donation to Maranatha Food Pantry.

Thanks to Roy Pitz for the swag donation for CTP. Dave Newlin took it down.

No aces were hit and Brad C. won the CTP throw off.

Underdogs (Jay and Skip Hummel): 73: $100
Last Minutes (Dan Becker and Justin Duncan): 74: $50
Holden Stable (Brendan and Tighe Holden): 75: $35
Team Sober (Wayne Nordberg and Andy Slater): 78: $20
John & Johnson (John Buck and Shawn Johnson): 78: $20
NovaHoes (Chadd O’Brien and Ryan): 79: $20
Team Eric B (Eric Buschman and Eric Boger): 79: $20
Mass Attack (Travis and Anthony): 80
TMNT (Steve Minnick and Erich): 80
Hotdog Down A Hallway (Kelly Dunnavant and David Newlin): 81
Disc So Hard (Rob and Brad): 81
The Snakes (Timski and Ian Donnakay): 81
Me and My B*tch (Russ and Brad): 82
Indignus Et Superbus (Hawk and Mark Stiles): 85
Disc Who (Tim and Aaron): 117

No Name (David and Austin): 76: $80
EPDG (Chris Rogus and Gusty Golden): 81: $40
Tigerbomb (Chad and Jason): 83: $20
The Tricksy Hobbits (Mark Diedering and Ron Hoover): 83: $20
Chunky Tuna Fish (Brian Fish and Brian Junkins): 84: $15
Pin Hyzer (Greg Walter and Shawn Wenger): 85: $15
Cheeba Chew (Matt Shaffer and Jason Williams): 90
Love Connection (Ben Shifflett and Mark): 91
Sprechen Sie Disc (Dustin Sullivan and Wayne Trump): 91
Dr. Wang (Matt Swartz and Thom Moore): 95
Roy Pitz (Ryan and Chris): 97

I am wearing my big boy pants,


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