St. Patrick’s Day Z Tier

Okay so this isn’t the greatest event name ever. What about Blarney & Beer? Or Throw Far & Up? Throwing O’ the Green? Growlers & Rollers? Putting for Gold? The Shamrock Struggle? I could go on. Uninspiring name aside this was a must stop for the Z tour. The Ruhlman Brewery folk were hosting this one and it was another team concept event. TD Matt and Jdot had been throwing around ideas late last year. They were considering dividing the Maryland courses into two teams to battle it out. They eventually dragged me into this brainstorming and I came up with the idea of Under 40 vs.40+. I also came up with the bad team names of Young Guns vs. Masters. On the plus side Matt went with the concept. On the negative side he kept these names.

There was not much chatter about this event leading up to Sunday so I was concerned that we’d not only lose to the younger discers, but have poor attendance. Friday night I started texting and pm’ing every active 40+ discer I could track down. This met with limited success as some of the usual suspects were playing an Association event in Delaware on Sunday. Those Tools!

Sunday morning I roll out and it actually feels kind of warm as opposed to the Miserable Weather Tour I’ve been on so far this season. I actually start to think the vest might be overkill. 50 minutes later I’m at the brewery. I’m one of four cars. I start to get worried. Registration closes in 45 minutes. I mosey up to the registration table and notice two things:

1. It’s windy and cold on top of this hill.

2. It’s flurrying!

I sign in and peruse the various info at the registration table:


More players roll in. Here’s an interesting bag design:

For when you just can’t fit all your discs inside! And if that’s not quite everything you want/need to tote around you can add one of these:

This was not the only player employing this hydration strategy. This is Taco…

…and his insanely cool hair. Jdot cannot compete though he tries…

There’s a players meeting. TD Matt runs through the course hole by hole. I don’t pay attention. This would have been a bad thing except Coach was on my card and he, as always, paid attention. The course layout has been altered since my last visit and there were a few instances of hole progression confusion among the cards observed during the rounds. Then our State Tool introduced a gentlemen from Carrol County who told us the County was looking to put the first disc course in a public park, but the County has no money so it needs to be privately raised. $500 per hole and the course exists! This solicitation was met with lukewarm applause and no apparent donating. The first round begins!

 As mentioned I’m carded with Coach, Billy and Jesse. We get to start on hole #1. We get to hole #3 which is a new creation at the brewery. It’s 204′ across a valley. It’s totally a putter drive. It should be oh so deuce-able…

Coach tees off on #3:

Note the broken concrete slab tee. This is another new recurring feature at the brewery. Billy tees off…

…and yes he needs a belt! Followed by Jesse:

None of us deuce. Billy came closest with this effort…

We walk away in shame. This is the basket on #5 which was the pond drive:

Note the festive Mardi Gras chains that several of the baskets now sport at the brewery. My drive tickled the right side chains. Yes I missed the comeback deuce. On #6 Coach misses the mando, so he eats the penalty and re-tees. Later in the second round we learn the mando isn’t in play anymore. Oops! Meanwhile three of us are in the creek:

Fortunately this is casual water today. Unfortunately my shoes aren’t waterproof. Coach mocks me while standing in the creek sporting his water proof shoes. My socks are soaked. However spares await me in the Civic at lunch. Coach deuces #8:

Note the disc nearly cutting through and out the back! Meanwhile Billy is beating Coach and I down for the Young Guns. We get to #9 which is another new hole. The basket is a tad bit below the tee. So below that the flag is on a bamboo pole that juts about 50′ up in the air! Coach tees off on #9:

Billy on #9:

Followed by Jesse:

And bringing up the rear…

Note my disc is actually in the air. It’s another deuce for Billy on #9:

Note the insanely tall and thick bamboo pole running up through the tray. It meets with Jesse’s approval:

Hole #11 now features a mando…

…and an improvised wall of bamboo. It also has a tee pad that makes you throw through a goalpost that your mind keeps telling you you are going to break you hand on during your back swing. The teepad on #13 is a unique driving experience:

Hole #14′s tee sign claims that the elevation change is only +35 feet.

It looks more like +60′ to me. The tee sign on #15 coming down the hill says -70′. Hmmm… #14 is the old basket buried in the ground trick:

Coach “runs” his deuce attempt…and fails. Hole #16 now features the Singapore Sling basket:

It works your head a little when it really shouldn’t. This was my disaster of the day. My second shot lay up attempt roars past the basket into the corn field beyond. Now I’m faced with a 20′ putt that if missed is potentially rolling down the hill somewhere in the 150′ range. The smart move is to sissy up and take the four and move on. It looks make able though. I miss. It doesn’t roll down the hill! I have another 15′er up the hill for my 4. I miss that, and it rolls 20′ down the hill. I up and in for a six. Sigh… There was an extra big downhill field hole to finish the round. #19 was something like 598′ My drive went something like 500′.

Coach: That’s only semi impressive because it’s downhill.

Hawk: Did your downhill drive go 500′?

Coach: No.

Hawk: Exactly.

The sun glare prevented an accurate shot of this crucial information next to #19′s basket:

Coach bests me by one 64-65. Billy punks us. We punk Jesse. Lunch is provided by Ledo’s a local pizza franchise. Since it’s St. Patrick’s day the menu is the traditional Irish lunch of…

Ham and cheese sandwich.

Chicken wings.


Sweet potato fries.

Round two finds me starting on #10 with the ever present Coach, Rick (also a Master) and Young Gun Dustin. #10 is a dinky 200′ish shot that has OB water on both sides of the fairway about 150′ towards the basket. It should be totally doable. Coach and I both bricked it in round one. We practice it several times warming up debating putter vs. mid range. Coach selects putter. I go mid. I deuce it to start our round. We get to the aforementioned goal post tee on #11: Coach tries to not let it work his head:

Followed by Rick:

Dustin is next:

#15 is now a shorter downhill effort that should be deuceable. Coach demonstrates how to do it:

Rick’s deuce is even closer:

I take a really bad four. Back to #3 someone finally deuces this thing when Coach curls this putt in:

Shameless product placement:

On #4 Dustin’s drive kicks left way early and actually lands near #3′s basket. See photo above for his second shot options. His options are not thrilling. He decides he’s going to try and throw through the shed to #4′s basket. It’s an entertaining concept. His second shot lands two thirds of the way in the shed. His third shot…

…gets him on the green. My drive and deuce on #5:

 Coach tees off on #8:

Followed by Dustin:

Rick brings up the rear…

…but is the only one to walk away with the deuce:

Coach and I shoot matching 58′s. We are pleased with our improved scores from round one. We return to tourney central to find snacks o’ plenty:

We are the first card done. I’m hanging around to find out which team wins. I mosey down the hill to find TD Matt’s card playing #3. And like our card players (in this case TD Matt) are not…

…getting the supposedly easy deuce. That is unless you are this guy:

On #4 I snap this pic of TD Matt’s bag and water bottle:

Hawk: You drank that whole thing today?

Matt: No I drank one during the first round. This is the second round one I need to finish before I putt out on this our last hole.

Jdot snapping pics of missed putts:

Back at tourney central I run into Rob and the mystery hot girl friend from the Whispering Falls charity bowl. I get the pic I forgot to get then:

Note Rob’s….expression. Impressively he tied young Will for first place in the individual battle. Wait…what’s that on her hip…

Yet another use for a ‘Sac when you aren’t playing, but merely caddying for your boyfriend! Will successfully photobombs this unexpected double product placment. Coach and I continue to mill around to find out which team won. Jdot and the Glove are working the score-port:

Jdot is overcome by the Sharpie fumes. I get a pic of the tied winners:

They elect to split the first place money and skip the play-off. Will continues to hold Rob up as we await results. I find the source of the coleslaw from lunch:

I’ve never seen coleslaw from a milk carton before! Then things get sketchy. TD Matt announces, “To avoid the appearance of impropriety my father will now add up the scores in the brewery and announce the winning team.” That certainly eliminates any conflict of interest! The two of them retire to a smoke filled back room:

We still aren’t sure how the team scoring is being done. There were 10 Masters and 12 or 13 Young Guns so the bottom two or three Young Guns won’t count. It will be our 10 vs. their top ten. Matt’s dad comes out and announces the Young Guns win 1241-1245. Apparently it was simply a matter of adding up the strokes for each team.

Official Results:

Young Guns vs. Masters
2 rounds of 19 holes (par 57)
Place Name Score Team
1 Will Bach 112 Y
1 Rob Smith 112 M
3 J. Gobrecht 114 M
4 Brian Cooke 117 Y
5 Calvin E. 118 Y
5 Jim Myers 118 M
7 Ray T. 119 M
8 Bobby Herman 120 M
8 Andrew Gregos 120 Y
8 Billy Rommel 120 Y
11 Dan Becker 122 M
12 Hawk Corrick 123 M
12 Matt Ruhlman 123 Y
14 Travis Bach 129 Y
15 Rick Romeo 130 M
16 Taco Hornbaker 131 Y
17 Greg Wysham 134 M
17 Randal Earls 134 Y
18 Dustin Sullivan 137 Y (last scoring member for Young Guns)
19 Wayne Trump 138 Y
20 James Corriker 149 Y
21 Mike Keiser 153 M (last scoring member for Masters)
22 Jesse Phillips 158 Y

(WINNERS) Young Guns = 1,241 Masters=1,245

Sketchy…you betcha!


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