Cinco de Mayo @ Rockburn

Dick and I rolled in this morning for a 10 a.m. practice round for the upcoming Rumble. I arrived at 0957. Dick arrived 3 minutes late i.e. 1018. Dick time is always somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes later than everyone else’s time.

Being last to arrive Dick has to tee off first. He promptly parks #1 with his green Groove and makes this putt…


…for a quick deuce and the lead. We match each other until hole #6 where I make a heroic 40′ turnover putt through several trees to save a three. Rattled, Dick misses his comparatively easy 3 putt to eat the 4. On #8 I call the downhill basket. Dick’s drive is short of the clowns mouth. I’m not. 3 for me. 4 for Dick. On #9 my second throw is in the creek. Hello circle 5! Dick takes a 4.

It’s 31-31 at the turn.

The back nine starts off with two more pushes until I unleash this drive on #12:


I make the putt for my first deuce of the day! I follow that up with a deuce on #13. Dick rallies back by deucing #14. Dick kills his momentum by taking a dry 4 on #15. As we enter Billfold Alley Dick waits for me to collapse as he enters Flutie mode. His drive on #16 is yanked and smacks an extremely early tree. I take a three to his five. On #18 I hit early and take a four while Dick threes.

Hawk: 28 (59)

Dick: 31 (62)

Walking up #18 we find the man who built Rockburn and the inspiration for Billfold Alley, Billstream himself:


Note Dick trying to weasel his way into the shot. A couple more pics of Dick flailing are in the Yahoo! group.




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