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At NutSac we are designers, dreamers and goof-balls who believe in finding the elusive the perfect bag. Some say we're nuts, that it can't be done. We say, "Nay! It must be done." We build bags that make us happy. Inspired by vintage designs, we research historic and modern bags and use their best design features. NutSacs are comfortable, durable, minimal, and functional. You're gonna love your 'Sac.


We use the highest quality materials in our bags. Bomb-proof Cannonball Canvas from the Carolinas. Snaps from Illinois. Webbing and hardware from the Midwest. The skilled sewists who build your bag are some of the most talented in the country. That's why we can offer a lifetime guarantee on our products. You can be a little rough with your NutSac, it can take it.

American Made

We love manufacturing in America! The highest quality. The best service. The sense of trust and loyalty. There is an authentic connection from canvas manufacture, to sewist, to NutSac, to the customer. Together we're creating jobs and making things better. You'll feel good about owning a NutSac. A big thanks to our customers for buying American!

What people think of NutSac

NutSac is awesome because good players don’t need big bags. Give me any destroyer, midrange, and putter. I’ll do work. NutSac is the best bag on the market. High quality.

You win more tournaments with a Nutsac. Because you learn fewer discs better, you get more practice with them. Plus the natural materials used in a Nutsac vs. the manufacture of bigger bags. Less industrial waste.

I received the package on Saturday, and all I can say is “wow!”  This bag is awesome! Played 36 holes on Sunday and loved the lightweight feel.  Again, I appreciate your wonderful customer service, and I will definitely be on the lookout for future NutSac products!  I have a couple buddies who may be sold.

Why is NutSac great? In addition to the high quality and comfort, because its funny. Endless jokes. “Hey, wanna see my Nutsac?”

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